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Floor Carpeting Services

Castle Flooring is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality carpet products for their flooring needs. Together with our experience and helpful design ideas, we're able to assist you with a do-it-yourself project, or a complete floor installation for your home or business. Give us a call today, or visit our Austin showroom. Don't forget to ask about our free design consultation service.

Just a few of the many advantages to using carpet in your home:
  1. Carpeting adds warmth and since it's soft, it's easier on children's knees.
  2. Carpet is less noisy than a hard surface floor.
  3. Carpeting is available in a wide spectrum of color tones and hues.
  4. Carpet colors easily compliment rooms with patterned wall coverings.
  5. Carpet can conceal sub-floor irregularities, which is something that can't be done with hard surface flooring.
  6. Carpet can be applied to a wide variety of substrates on all grade levels, even basement concrete slabs.
  7. Carpeting is economical compared to many hard surface products with total installation costs being much less.

Types of Carpet Weave Construction

Here's an overview of the carpet construction types we sell from our store:
  • Saxony
    • Soft, smooth cut-pile surface
    • Adaptable in performance & appearance
    • Suited well to traditional room decor
    • Commonly used in formal areas
  • Textured Saxony
    • The textured surface helps hide scuff marks
    • Creates a casual appearance
    • Style is extremely popular
    • Perfect for active families; can be used in any room
  • Velvet
    • Has a fine, tip-sheared surface
    • A very formal, elegant style
    • Not quite as popular as some of our other styles
  • Frieze
    • Has a textured surface with a knobbly appearance
    • Very durable and long wearing
    • Great choice for active rooms
  • Cut and Loop
    • Offers a distinctive, carved appearance
    • Cut and loops provide a variety of surface levels
    • Multiple colors can help hide stains and worn spots
    • Can add an interesting accent to rooms
    • Lends itself to a variety of room settings
  • Multi-level Loop
    • Comprised of several different levels of loops
    • Creates pattern effect with a unique appearance
    • Affords room a casual appearance
    • Very durable weave - hiding traffic well
  • Level Loop
    • Height of loops are all the same
    • Usually manufactured with Olefin fiber
    • Has a casual appearance, yet it's extremely durable
    • Great for family activity rooms, or basement floorings
Note About Berber Carpeting:
Berber carpeting consists of large, fluffy yarns that are created either in a level loop, or a multi-level loop manufacturing process. Although many Berbers are made of olefin fiber, some are made with a blend of several carpet fibers, or with nylon.

Carpet Fibers
Nylon - By far, this is the most popular synthetic carpet fiber in use today. It offers homeowners tremendous value, ease of maintenance and performance. Nylon carpeting provides a choice of brilliant colors plus it hides soil and traffic spots well.
Olefin - Also known as polypropylene, this fiber is very popular in Berbers and level loop weaves. Olefin carpets are highly stain, mold, static and mildew resistant. They can be used for indoor or outdoor carpeting, as well as outdoor turf, though their resistance to crushing and matting are not quite as good as nylon fibers.
Polyester - This fiber excells in color clarity along with having a soft feel to the carpet, however it lacks the superior durability of nylon carpets.
Acrylic - Has the look and appearance of real wool. It's used mostly in level loops, bath mats and some velvet style carpets, plus it offers good mold and mildew resistance; it also provides low static electricity levels.
Wool - For larger budgets, the somewhat more expensive wool fiber will give floors greater bulk and mass, long-wearing performance, in addition to an elegant look.

Carpet Buying Tips
Most homeowners choose carpeting because it's soft and warm. When you select a carpet you usually purchase with the expectation that your new carpet will look just like the store sample for many years to come. While our staff can help you make the best decision, having some general knowledge about the different characteristics of carpeting will assist you in choosing the best carpet to meet your needs.
» Here's a few points that explain why some carpets will perform better:
Yarn Twist - For carpeting, a tighter weave is better. Generally, the tighter a yarn's twist, your carpet will last longer before it starts to matt up and crush. The process of spinning fiber strands (filaments) into a tight-twisted yarn, then locking the fibers together by heat yields a more resilient carpet yarn.
Shorter Nap - Carpet nap height, or the lower the carpet's yarn stands over the backing, is important to the carpet's overall performance. It's much easier to make a carpet more crush & matt resistant when the pile's height is shorter -- plus with a shorter pile your carpet will retain its like-brand-new appearance much longer.
# Stitches per Inch - Carpeting with more yarn & more stitches per inch will have superior resistance to crushing and matting than carpets with less-dense weaves.
Carpet Cushions - A good carpet cushion can extend your carpet's useful life. Carpet cushions serve as both shock absorbers and springs which in turn help improve your carpet's performance overall. Be sure to always read the carpet manufacturer's cushion recommendation before purchasing.
Continuous Filament Nylon (CFN) - Labels on the back of a carpet samples named "CFN" means the carpet is constructed of continuous filament nylon. CFN begins as a single, continuous strand before its crafted into yarn and is superior to another filament type, known as staple nylon. The latter begins as only a 7 inch long strand before it's spun into yarn & tufted into carpets. Shorter, unsecured pieces of staple nylon can eventually come loose resulting in stray piling deposited on top of the carpet's surface. This is avoided with CFN (continuous nylon carpet).

Toxic Carpet Emissions
We'd like to remind you that many home furnishings are created from synthetic chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Carpet and Rug Institute and the Carpet Cushion Council have entered into an agreement to establish a program to lower the volatile chemical emissions from carpet and rug under-padding.

For the most part, emissions are usually low, however, this program ensures that technological steps are taken to reduce emission occurrence indoors and help avoid irritation by people who are sensitive to their environment.

To ensure you're buying carpet products with low emission levels, look for carpets, cushions and paddings that display the "Green Label." This provides assurance that the product you purchase is endorsed by the Air Quality Testing Program.

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